It's All About Prioritizing

October 14, 2014

I thinke is saving and ruining my life.  I find so many interesting articles, many of them being self help/creative articles that push me to achieve and also make me procrastinate by reading 5 more inspirational articles before actually logging off of the computer and doing so.  (Longest run-on sentence ever) Either way, these are both great articles dealing with self motivation to reach your potential- whether that be career goals or simply a more fulfilling life.


This idea of reaching your goals also ties into my most recent project.  We were divided into groups and assigned a word.  The first step was to first represent its meaning through manipulation on illustrator, then create 3D models and place them in the environment in a way that conveys a message.  Our word was OBTAIN- Always reaching and moving forward toward your goals.  We placed our 3 foot letters around campus, in different locations one moves through as they earn their degree.  The letters were covered in chalkboard paint, and students added their goals and dreams to the letters along with everyone else's.  The final product was extremely rewarding.



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May 10, 2015

April 14, 2015

January 3, 2015

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As the daughter of a true Californian, which also happens to be the location of my baptism, I like to joke that "I got my soul in California" A place that in my mind, represets freedom, beauty and happiness. 


We must keep ourselves open to the magic around us, Inspiration can be found in the most obsure of places.


Obscure; 1. Not readily noticed 2. Difficult to understand 3. Derrivitive of the latin word for dark ie. Camera Obscura 

What's In A Name?

California Obscura

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