Splatter Paint

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Being home for winter break has finally given me some time to relax and CREATE. Not create because an assignment required it but simply because I feel like it. Exploring different photo, design and blog ideas has been extremely inspiring. Yesterday was raining so naturally my sister and I spent it surfing the internet, looking for different splatter painting techniques. When I went to my room to grab some canvases, I decided it would be a lot more fun to splatter paint a face. Luckily, my other little sister and her friend were equally as restless and eagerly volunteered. We dressed them in trash bags and flicked metallic paint across their faces. To maintain the edgy nature of the photo, the background is a wall in our basement covered with chalkboard paint- we wiped down the existing chalk and the surface dried at unequal times, creating the grunge effect you see!

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As the daughter of a true Californian, which also happens to be the location of my baptism, I like to joke that "I got my soul in California" A place that in my mind, represets freedom, beauty and happiness. 


We must keep ourselves open to the magic around us, Inspiration can be found in the most obsure of places.


Obscure; 1. Not readily noticed 2. Difficult to understand 3. Derrivitive of the latin word for dark ie. Camera Obscura 

What's In A Name?

California Obscura