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Oddly enoigh, the little white flecks of light are not the result of some "distressed" filter I added to this photo. This beautiful strange misunderstood tree stands alone in the sun amidst the rest of the shaded path. Every hour an army of strange small translucent winged bugs appear- flying towards the light. Not that I love insects but it's too beautiful a phenomena to be grossed out by.

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As the daughter of a true Californian, which also happens to be the location of my baptism, I like to joke that "I got my soul in California" A place that in my mind, represets freedom, beauty and happiness. 


We must keep ourselves open to the magic around us, Inspiration can be found in the most obsure of places.


Obscure; 1. Not readily noticed 2. Difficult to understand 3. Derrivitive of the latin word for dark ie. Camera Obscura 

What's In A Name?

California Obscura