Passport to Nowhere in Particular


"Even though we work to create a life of comfort and spend our days planning and structuring what’s ahead, most of us seek adventure. We do. We want to feel butterflies in the pit of our stomachs. We have our routines and we do things the same way every day but secretly, we want to leave it all behind. Even if just for a little bit. We want to explore the rainforest and watch the sunrise through the ocean and rappel down waterfalls and go on a road trip without a map and jump out of airplanes and have conversations about God and eat spicy things off skewers from weird trucks and walk through the desert and swim naked in the sea and stroll barefoot down an empty road and dance in the moonlight and cry for no reason and hold hands with strangers in the middle of the night and quit our jobs and try new things. We want to travel the world and throw caution to the wind. We want to live in the moment and say Yes when fear tells us to say No. Why? Because we secretly long for the unknown. It’s where the magic is."

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