Mama's Day


Happy Mother's Day to all the deserving mamacitas out there! I may be biased, but I genuinely believe that this world is a little brighter because she is in it. She celebrates individuality and shows more compassion and drive than anyone I know. How are you corporate Olivia Pope while keeping our house HGTV ready and still having the energy left to be an amazing role model and my best friend? Here's to you lil mama! May someday I be half the woman you are!

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As the daughter of a true Californian, which also happens to be the location of my baptism, I like to joke that "I got my soul in California" A place that in my mind, represets freedom, beauty and happiness. 


We must keep ourselves open to the magic around us, Inspiration can be found in the most obsure of places.


Obscure; 1. Not readily noticed 2. Difficult to understand 3. Derrivitive of the latin word for dark ie. Camera Obscura 

What's In A Name?

California Obscura