The Boy without Cartoons- Personality Profile

The boy without cartoons.

He discovered everything he knows.

He went to school and it wasn't about the numbers.

He played outside for hours, learning about friendships and the world around him.

He developed skills that would carry him far beyond the date of an exam.

The boy observed as his dad set up the family tripod.

He itched for something physical to get his hands on; a natural curiosity that skyrocketed in the presence of his dad’s gear.

He wanted to be just like his dad.

He accepted his role as assistant for the time being.

He asked a lot of questions.

He wanted to be better.

He got his first camera, a Fuji film f40, in 6th grade.

He liked it because it had a game.

The boy followed the path of his father

He went to college.

He traded in his engineering degree for that of a film degree.

The man with a drive unwavering.

He misses every football game of his junior year.

He is busy filming at the studio every weekend from 8am to 8pm.

He does not complain.

He watches hours upon hours of tutorials when mastering a new effect.

He employs the methods he learned as a boy. Trial and error.

He practices until he improves.

He is told by his mom that he must be careful not to overdo it.

The man inspired by stars, both in the sky and here on earth.

He sits on his deck at night for hours at a time, pressing shutter release every twenty seconds.

He captures the light through long exposure.

He stands on the ground, drone overhead, adopting the viewpoint of Gods.

He records the performances by noteworthy names in the music industry.

He photographs basketball, soccer and baseball players.

He collaborates with key players in the film industry.

He wants to see his name on the rolling credits as Director of Photography.

The man with the precision of a computer programmer and the organized chaos of an artist- with ringlet curls to match.

He can activate any setting on his camera without looking.

He considers this essential so not a single moment is missed.

He has stacks of equipment overflowing the shelves and 20+ tabs of research slowing down his Macbook at any given time.

He believes a good film is codependent on mechanics and creativity-

One cannot be without the other.

A perfectly imperfect equation.

He embraces the mess- it's what gives him that spark.

He perfects the technology- it’s what sets him apart.

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